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Welcome to the fashion pages of the Yorkshire Herald & Advertiser. On these pages you will find some of the very best companies throughout the region providing the products to help you look and feel your very best. We will try to cater for both men and women on these pages, we realise that fashion is becoming a more and more unisex market and hopefully the companies we choose to appear upon these pages will reflect this. So, whether it is a dress, a suit, glasses, sportswear, or even a new bag – you’ll soon be able to find them on this very page!

Feature: What Makes A Beautiful Dress

For women: fashion trends fall in and out. Headbands, flairs, overalls, torn jeans, faded tops they’ve all been popular over the years but none still remain around today. There is however one piece of clothing that has survived centuries and that is the ‘Beautiful Dress’. This is simply because – no matter what type of woman you are – there is a dress for you and it’ll make you look and feel fantastic. But what is it about a dress that is so appealing? What do you look for when buying one? The Gazette’s Editorial team decided to take a look and find out:

Love New Design – Women love variety. That is why they are so good at shopping. You will never find the women’s section in a shop to be boring as there’s always new designs, styles and different types of clothing, accessories, shoes and bags to capture your attention. Just looking at women’s clothing alone will bowl you over about how creative some of these designers have created going out dresses for ladies. The options are endless. And women love it that way.

Makes Them Look Great Since there are so many different types of dresses available, competition is crazy. That’s why prices can be very competitive. Women love to buy clothes that will make them look great and the more variety you have, the more excited they will be in wanting to buy those that meet their taste and budget. Women want to wear something that is comfortable to go out with. And they would like clothes that are able to show off their lovely figures as well – the dress suits that need perfectly.

Comfortable And Fashionable Wearing beautiful clothes that are comfortable and fashionable will also allow women to showcase their personality. Some women may prefer certain styles or colour while others are always following the fashion trends that keep on changing. What is important is that the going out dresses fit them comfortably and makes you look great. Since fashion is always changing constantly, women will always enjoy shopping for new beautiful dresses; all the time looking for the latest pattern, style, colour for the season.

Shopping Therapy Then there’s the urge to shop as it’s able to meet their need of wanting to adorn themselves with stuff to make them attractive. Shopping in itself makes them feel fulfilled. So men are not surprised that most women have quite a range of lovely clothing for any occasion. Whether they are getting ready to go for a party or a formal event, they are bound to have a dress or outfit ready.

So there you have it. The rundown on why women love to buy beautiful dresses or all types of different clothing for that matter. With Christmas coming up to there isn’t a better time to get out there and start trying things on! In this issue we’d like to bring to your attention ‘The Dress Circle’ in Potters Bar. Located at 79 High Street it should be your first stop when looking for the types of dresses we’ve discussed in this article. For more information see their advertisement on this page… Happy Shopping!

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