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The UK is one of the most charitable countries across the globe and most people have inevitably given to charity in some way during their lives, whether that’s via running a marathon, arranging a bake-sale or by simply donating monthly. However many do not realise that including a charity in their will, can make a huge difference to those charities. Leaving a share of the estate, or a lump sum, no matter how small in their will, can help to change someone’s life.

Leaving a gift in a will can be seen as an easy way of offering a charitable hand. As charities really need the help, if you don’t feel like you can help right now, then why not do so when you have passed on?

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, has been providing support to the UK’s servicemen and women, veterans, reservists and their families for over 130 years and it helps some 60,000 members of the Armed Forces community every year. SSAFA is only able to support veterans and their families because enough people believe their service meant something.

Tomorrow British Forces will need our support again, and the charity is calling on the local public to consider it when writing their wills. A gift of any size will make a huge difference to the lives of our past and present Servicemen and women, and the families of both, in times of real need.

To find out more or to leave a legacy to SSAFA in your will, email or call 020 7463 9257 or visit

Fireworks night can be terrifying for many dogs, but did you know that teaching dogs to cope with noise fears in advance can help lessen the stress they experience when they hear the unexpected whizz, pop and bang of fireworks? To avoid the fear and anguish many dogs will go through during fireworks displays, it’s so important that owners plan ahead to help them and their dogs feel prepared and comfortable when 5th November comes around. Gradually teaching your dog that noises are not scary will help them be able to cope with unexpected noises over time. This usually involves playing recorded versions of the scary noises, but starting at such a low volume that your dog is not worried by them. The volume and direction of sounds are changed over time, but so slowly that your dog does not show any signs of fear. The sounds should also be associated with something that they enjoy, such as their favourite treats or a game. Dogs who are very frightened already may require support from a qualified, experienced behaviourist. For more tips and advice visit Dogs Trust Dog School, a national network of experienced trainers providing fun, educational courses for all dog owners based on up-to-date scientific research.  Using reward-based training methods, we teach the key skills your dog needs to thrive in everyday situations, including focusing on helping dogs to cope with unusual sounds, so they remain relaxed and happy! We’ll help teach you how to slowly introduce noises to your dogs and help them learn that fireworks are not so scary after all!  Courses are five weeks long, with a free introductory session. To find your nearest dog school visit and take your first step towards making the most of your relationship with your four-legged friend now.

Some people have major difficulties to overcome before they can think about taking part in the everyday social and physical activities that many of us are fortunate to take for granted.

After an industrial accident at work which fractured his spine, Stephen Birkby was left paralysed and told by doctors it would be unlikely he would walk again. Now, over 14 years later Stephen is working as the founder and principal instructor at D.A.W.S Community Gym which provides support and assistance for those affected by both mental and physical disabilities.

Stephen started D.A.W.S – Disability Awareness with Sport – a non-profit community gym in an attempt to combat the lack of exercise provisions for disabled people.

Based at St George’s Park, Westfield, D.A.W.S promotes a friendly, social and safe environment which helps individuals achieve their own personal and fitness goals, as well as helping them tone-up becoming more mobile and flexible with the use of specialised gym equipment.

After gaining charity status in October, they raised money to buy a specialist wheelchair trainer – a piece of equipment that has revolutionised the gym experience for wheelchair users – and they now have three of these along with numerous other pieces of unique kit.  This equipment along with wheelchair scales can be hired out with instructors.

“We’ve got people with cerebral palsy, those with spinal injuries, ex-service men and people who have long-term health issues such as diabetes, high-blood pressure and arthritis. The beauty of this equipment is that we can put it in gym classes, so wheelchair users can exercise alongside able-bodied people,” said Stephen.

The fundraising isn’t stopping there though, as Stephen and Tracey are currently looking to raise funds for transport, so they can take their work into the wider community.

Stephen has worked hard to create a community within the gym by making it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, and he runs both group and private sessions to help users improve their balance, posture, health and general well-being. And, he also runs community sessions weekly for those individuals who can’t attend the gym.

“It’s not just down to exercise – it’s about getting individuals out of the house and to somewhere they can meet people – so, it’s also about tackling social exclusion too.”


“It’s true that time is a great healer and in taking small steps, these have helped me grow stronger and more confident. Thank you to Steve for developing a niche gym for people with physical and mental issues.”

“Stephen at DAWS is great at helping you. I now feel so much fitter and happier, and plan to keep coming to the gym as long as I can.”

Stephen Birkby, Principal Instructor

Tel: 07527 118968

Tracey Morris, Admin and Finance

Tel: 07414 225161


If you would like to become a sponsor of D.A.W.S or contribute to their fundraising, give Stephen a call on 07527 118968.

200,000 cats and kittens helped every year, but still many more need help.

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. Through our network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 34 centres, we help care for abandoned cats and kittens across the UK.

Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

It’s an ambitious vision. However, we truly believe it can be achieved because of our passion, our professional approach and simply because cats are among the UK’s most popular companion pets.
We have simple and clear objectives to help cats:

  • Homing – we help to find good homes for cats in need
  • Neutering – we promote the benefits of neutering to prevent unwanted litters from being born and becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow
  • Information – we improve people’s understanding of cats and their care and help to educate people of all ages about cats and their welfare requirements

We live in a world where there are many more cats than available homes and yet large numbers of unneutered cats are still allowed to have kittens. Sadly, abandoned and neglected cats remain commonplace.

At any one time we can have many thousands of cats in our care across the country. And there are many more that need our help. They may be abandoned, unwanted, mistreated or seeking a new home because their owners can’t care for them any longer. Old, sick, frightened…each cat that arrives in our care is different and we are committed to giving each and every one, the love and care they need for as long as it takes to find them a loving home.

Every cat that comes into us is health checked, treated for fleas and worms and vaccinated and neutered to get them ready for rehoming. We also microchip every cat, so that if they do become separated from their new owner the pair can be quickly reunited.

This dedication ensures the best possible start in their new life. However, such a high level of care comes at a high cost. From the moment a cat comes into our care, to the happy day they leave with their new family, we will do all we can to ensure the best start in their new home.

We never put a healthy cat to sleep

It is our ambition to help even more cats than we do already and cats and their welfare are at the heart of everything we do.

We can only be there for all the cats and kittens that need us with the support of kind friends, friends who are caring and generous cat lovers kind enough to consider making a significant gift towards our work. Not only can you help us to continue to offer shelter, food and care to thousands of unwanted cats and kittens – you can also help to make the world a better place for every cat by helping to educate people to become better owners and by supporting neutering programmes that will stop unplanned litters becoming the unwanted cats of tomorrow.

Can you help give cats a better today and a brighter tomorrow?

Please consider becoming a Friend of our new Black Cat Society. For further information, please contact Mandy Pope our Major Gift Manager on 01625 877 208 or email Mandy

Charities are part of British life. They range from small groups meeting local needs with few resources to the well-known major charities with budgets of millions.

Whatever their size or purpose, an essential requirement of all charities is that they operate for the public benefit and independently of government or commercial interests.
Our job is to ensure our readers are provided with the best possible regulation and information on these charities in order to increase charity effectiveness, public confidence and trust in them.

What is classed as a Charity
UK charities are non profit organisations that carry out activities that help society such as charity events & fund rasing and help fund vital research into medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease, helping children & poverty and help raise awareness of endangered species by such acts as “adopting an animal” sponsorship schemes.

Below you will find our charity directory. It lists a number of charities that we have worked with, supported and recommended over the years.

Save The Asian Elephants is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the now highly endangered Asian elephant. Founded just 15 months ago STAE has already made enormous progress in this important cause, which recent Populus polling shows commands huge levels of public support because of the concern for this ancient, noble and gentle animal, so grievously beaten, tortured and abused across India and the other 13 range states of SE Asia. Baby elephants are snatched from the wild, isolated, starved and dehydrated, then beaten with clubs and hammers, often to death, as part of the “training” process for a life of abuse in tourism, festivals and temples.

STAE operates to raise public awareness and inform opinion, and to exert responsible commercial and political influence. STAE’s website shows the many steps taken and successes already achieved for these wondrous animals. STAE’s policies have received wide backing from across many informed groups and world figures– see       STAE:

1 was instrumental in obtaining David Cameron’s 2015 election pledge to help Asian elephants, repeated in a Joint Statement with Indian PM Narendra Modi last November.

2 is working to change the UK law to stop advertising of unethical elephant tourism. Its CEO Duncan McNair has again been invited to address a major group of MPs in the Westminster Parliament shortly.

3 works hard in Brussels and Delhi to effect political change, and to persuade the big commercial interests to stop unethical elephant tourism. A recent sad story concerns Golf the young Thai elephant who was taunted and abused and then turned on a British tourist and killed him after severe torment. Golf was taken away and tortured all night – his screams were heard across the village. But he was then placed straight back amongst tourists to work more with them! So no concern for humans or elephants.

4 is developing a programme to send UK vets and vet students to work with captive Asian elephants in India, to raise awareness, and standards in elephant care, and spark interest in vets working there with elephants for their whole careers, as has happened already.

5 to found a mahout (elephant manager) training centre in India, with licensing and accreditation, based on compassionate and positive training methods, rather than brutality.

6 has just started its primary schools competition Asian Elephants-Create Awareness, in West London. This had a massive response from 40 local schools and nearly 2000 entries, the prizegiving attended by Lords, MPs MEPs, the Mayor, the Youth Mayor, celebrities, parents, teachers and winning pupils and schools in the Town Hall. STAE wishes to roll this out across the UK to hugely raise awareness.

STAE needs funding to continue this cutting edge work. No Board member receives any pay so virtually all income goes straight to its work for the elephants. Please help STAE to continue its work – before its too late for the elephants – by donating at

Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal – A £10m fundraising campaign.

Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal is the fundraising arm of St James’s Institute of Oncology in Leeds – also known as Leeds Cancer Centre.

The ongoing appeal directly benefits cancer patients in this excellent modern facility which opened in 2008. The Centre provides a range of cancer services to a catchment community of more than 2.6m people across Yorkshire and over 2,000 patients are treated at the Centre every day.

The Appeals focus is four-stranded: specialist medical equipment, research and
education programmes, patient ‘home comforts’ and the arts and gardens projects.

The £10m appeal will enhance patient care to make this world-class facility a leading force in the early prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after-care of this indiscriminate disease that still affects one in three lives in the UK. Income to date has reached £9.6m and of that, £8.4m has already been spent.

The Yorkshire Cancer Centre fundraising team organises a range of events throughout the year to encourage participation from all sections of the community in Yorkshire; from trekking events such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks at home; global adventures trekking the Grand Canyon or competing in the London to Paris Bike Ride and a corporate team challenge in the Peak District over 2 days in September.

There are also many running events where supporters can sign up and help boost our appeal fund; the Leeds 10k and Leeds Half Marathon; the Great North Run and the London and Yorkshire Marathon. In 2016 we will also celebrate our 20th anniversary September Ball event in Harrogate – a ‘posh frocks’ affair with a high degree of entertainment for all ages. We have a lovely selection of bespoke Christmas cards in the lead up to Christmas and we warmly welcome visitors to our annual Christmas Concert which features the amazing Inspiration Choir.

Please visit our website for further information about all our events:| or telephone 0113 206 8444 or 0113 206 8620

Thank you for your support


As well as providing healthcare in our hospices and neurological care centres, our community-based services are growing across the country.

In Doncaster we run a befriending service, providing respite for carers of those living with dementia and helping those over the age of 65 at risk of social isolation.

Befrienders are specially trained to be able to:

  • provide companionship and conversation

  • support individuals to maintain hobbies and interests

  • help access local community activities and resources

  • sign-post to other services where appropriate

Volunteer befrienders support people through one-to-one home visits, telephone calls, or a combination of both, for a few hours a week.

Being a befriender is a rewarding role; while supporting vulnerable people you can develop valuable skills to improve job prospects, increase in confidence and widen your social circle.

Learn more about out befriending service in Doncaster or search our current vacancies for befriending opportunities near you

Humanitarian organization British Red Cross International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement American Red Cross Help without Frontiers Christian Aid UK Islamic Relief The Soldiers Charity Médecins Sans Frontières The Salvation Army Christian Aid Oxfam Jewish Care Samaritans Joseph Rowntree Foundation St John Ambulance Surrey Methodist Relief and Development Fund

Child abuse and other child issues Child line National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) Child Abuse – Signs and Symptoms

Autism National Autistic Society

Deaf British Deaf Association National Deaf Children’s Society Royal National Institute for The Deaf

Disabled Kids American Association of People with Disabilities Down’s Syndrome Association

Blind People Action for Blind People The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Bullying A charity that deals with the important issue of bullying An internet charity that deals with bullying A charity that deals with the issue of bullying Cyber Bullying Act Against Bullying website

Mental Illness Mind SANE Rethink

Learning disabilities

The Aged Help the Aged

Animals and wildlife Royal Society for the Protection of Birds People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Scottish SPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Animal aid Farm Animal Welfare Council League Against Cruel Sports World Society for the Protection of Woodland Trust Advocates for Animals; Captive Animal Protection Society, UK Wildlife Protection Society of India, Greenpeace International

British charity networks Wales Council for Voluntary Action NCVO website for Engla SCVO website for Scotland NICVA website for Northern Ireland

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