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When your computer stops working, you want the quickest possible way to fix it. Often, your own skills are not enough to solve the problems your computer is experiencing and you need to contact a computer repair technician to assist with your problem.

Not all computer support businesses are created equal.  Some may require that you bring your computer to them, whilst some offer to come to your home or business.  When looking for support for your computer, make sure you get the right service for you.

Bringing Your Computer to Them

There are two advantages to bringing your computer in for repair: You usually get a discount on the price and it allows the technician to have more time to concentrate on your particular problem.  The cons, however, are many: You need to have the requisite skill to reassemble your computer once you get it back (may not be a problem for some), if your problem was caused by something that you unplugged such as your monitor or printer the technician will see nothing wrong because it’s not attached when they look at it, and you very well may not have a computer for days which may be needed if you use your computer for business or online classes.

Also, if your computer is away the technician cannot ask you questions or learn of other (possibly related problems) that could help them diagnose or fix other problems you never knew were fixable.  You also cannot ask questions or learn what the problem was or how to prevent it in the future.  This type of support — done incorrectly — usually involves you dropping your computer off and picking it up when it’s done with little to no explanation or after support care.

Bringing the Support to You

Technicians coming to your home or business is usually the best course.  Pros: You get a technician in-person that can talk to you about all your problems, you can usually show them what the problem is right there (or they can see it on your screen if you leave it there) and they can walk you through the solution.

Usually the technician can diagnose and solve your problem right there in your home or office.  For those that are not-so-tech-savvy, this is usually the best course of action.  It’s the equivalent of having an appliance repair technician, plumber or the cable guy/gal in your home.  You have a problem, they come and fix it, they leave.

So, you do have two options. On this page and throughout the issue you will find a number of Computer Repair Services that will be able to help you get through your computer related issues.

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